Computers can paint now. And goats like people who smile at them.

Yes, they do!

The most interesting and poignant discoveries often stem from the collision of seemingly different modes of thinking.

We frequently see one idea appear in one discipline as if it were new, when it migrated from another discipline, like a mole that had dug under a fence and popped up on the other side.

- Battle in the Mind Fields, John Goldsmith and Bernard Laks

I write about cool things that result from marrying different fields of knowledge.

I sometimes also deconstruct academic writing and broad concepts, and discuss their relevance to our daily lives.

Science is fun, but so much of it is buried in jargon. Aesthetics is inseparable from the human experience, yet rarely appreciated as such. Philosophy is important to how life is lived, and should not have to be impenetrable.

Here, we make the consumption of knowledge enjoyable and relevant again.

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Tech lead, data scientist, humanist. Former mental health counselor, writing tutor, and interaction designer.

Uncompromising lover of hot chocolate, long walks, cats and dogs in equal measure, and the ocean.

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